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Testimonials | Bonnie Franklin’s CCAP


“I hope that you will continue to receive the support you need – my students come away with a deeper appreciation of the texts we read and study, and in these times of tight school funding, Bonnie Franklin’s Classic and Contemporary American Plays (CCAP) is a real treasure. Our textbook room’s newest works are still at least 30 years old – through CCAP, my students are introduced to living writers, right in front of them, discussing their stylistic choices and purpose…Further, the curriculum guides and director visits give depth and focus to the program. This is not just an enjoyable performance, but true and deep learning. That’s a literature classroom I want to be a part of — and thanks to you and CCAP, I can be. Thanks for all that you do for our community, and please know how much this partnership means to the students, teachers, and families of Santa Monica.”

Jennifer Pust – English Department Chair, Santa Monica High School

“Without all the distractions you can appreciate and really delve into the emotions, the actual words, and the feelings each character has…At first when I saw the play I was a bit perplexed. I asked myself aren’t they supposed to be white, why are there black actors? Then I understood. All the messages that Tennessee Williams had in the play could fit into any family regardless of the size, the gender, and the color of their skin. The idea of not having the ideal family and having many family conflicts can lie in any family and that’s something that this play broadened, which I liked…Thank you for showing us how it is different seeing the play than reading it I really honestly enjoyed it and can’t wait to go on my own and see plays by myself.”

Bibiana A. – Student, King Drew Medical Magnet

“Most of our students would never go to the theater at all without your kind contributions of free tickets and bus arrangements. They are not necessarily from homes which could support or even know about this activity. So, you have created a group of theater goers for the future. They all can’t wait for “CCAP days.” And they are never disappointed by the quality of the performances they see, or by the questions that they plays bring to their life experiences. Mostly, they are amazed by the reality they see on the stage. Here they find the mirror of truth held up for them to see, to explore, to grow by. When I think of “empowerment” – an oft used term that can easily become a cliche – I think of what the students experience at your productions. They find a reality there that they can understand, and the words of the playwrights you choose, give their own vague experiences and feelings, a language they can grasp, an emotional meaning, of comprehension, of recognition. They now have words, ideas, concepts that they can identify. Their lives have taken on the “examination” that makes life itself worth living. And thus, they are empowered. You have contributed much to their growth, their maturity, their integrity.”

Barbara Rottman – Teacher of English and Theater, Entertainment Media Academy