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Our History | Bonnie Franklin’s CCAP

Our History

When originally conceived in 2000, CCAP was a relaunch of Mondays at the Mainstage, a series of play readings Bonnie Franklin and her manager produced in the late 90s. The new readings were successful, but there were often seats to be filled – which Bonnie’s sister Judy saw instead as an opportunity. Working with select city art initiatives and mentor-based educators, a pilot program was developed to incorporate the plays into King Drew Medical Magnet’s English curriculum, and a small class of 50 kids attended the season’s finale.

Today, CCAP works with thousands of kids from throughout the Los Angeles area. Throughout the school year, they study plays and then watch them live, receive free buses, participate in workshops and interact with cast, director and playwrights. They are the best, most engaged, and passionate audience, and it is for them that CCAP exists and thrives.