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Season 6 | Bonnie Franklin’s CCAP

Season 6

2006-2007 Boston Court Performing Arts Complex

The Glass Menagerie

By: Tennessee Williams
Director: Michael E. Gross
Cast: Michael Learned, William Atherton, Monette Magrath, Jeremy Peter Johnson

Chapter Two

By: Neil Simon
Director: Bonnie Franklin
Cast: Alan Rosenberg, Tracey A. Leigh, Charlie Brill, Jane Fleiss

Toys in the Attic

By: Lillian Hellman
Director: Ernest Figueroa
Cast: Susan Clark, Bonnie Franklin, Matt Letscher, William Katt, Chris Butler, Willie C. Carpenter, Robyn Cohen, Eileen T’Kaye

I’m Not Rappaport

By: Herb Gardner
Director: James Eckhouse
Cast: Willie C. Carpenter, Pat Harrington, Robyn Cohen, Joe Egender, Dean Gregory, Marsha Kramer, David Starzyk

A Raisin in the Sun

By: Lorraine Hansberry
Director: James Eckhouse
Cast: Hattie Mae Winston, Alex Desert, Jennifer Shelton, Tracey A. Leigh, Roger Bridges, Willie C. Carpenter, Malcolm Danare, Darren Law, Adrian “Kali” Turner